Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Fresh Chicken 4 Sell" !!

I just spotted this advert on a notice board in one of our malls here in Nairobi this morning as I was picking up my morning dose of double cappuccino and it made me chuckle ......

And I'd just like to reiterate how jolly FRESH these chickens obviously are
- as it seems they are actually still very much alive !!!

(Think it's a bit of do-it-yourself killing and plucking on this one.
Mmmmm - think I'd rather have the spinach quiche myself!~)


Maggie May said...

Chuck chuck chuckle!
Thank Goodness I don't have to kill them, poor things!

Unknown said...

Anyone have a panga handy?

Anonymous said...

beth should be reported to the KSPCA

Mzungu Chick said...

Maggie - with you there otherwise I think chicken would most definitely be OFF the menu.

Beth - you're a game girl!

MN - I think you'll find Beth is joking. However how do you think the chicken really does get on your plate without someone taking a knife to it?

Swearing Mother said...

Reminds me of a sign outside a farm which read:

Christmas Specials:
Pick your own vegetables.
Pick your own sprouts.

Underneath, someone had added in felt tip pen.

"Strangle your own turkey".

Nut roast for me.

Unknown said...

OI!!! No reporting me ... and yes - I was joking. :o)

Mzungu Chick said...

Swearing Mother - I'm with you on the nut roast!

Beth - I'll be reporting you for sure ... for making me smile :-)